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things i can describe bout myself: hardheaded, fun, love to make friends, simple, hardheaded, metalheads, loud, lousy sometimes, movies addiction, non-smoker, funny, straight edge, outspoken, dreaming a lot, love eating, cute, fat, love being myself. i wanna be what i want to be... i don't care wat kind of hardships i will face in my future.... I WILL FIGHT TILL MY LAST DROP OF BLOOD!!!


Assalamualaikum... Gutten Tag Alle!!! (Good day everyone!!!) it's have been 3 days i didn't updated my blog bcoz of the classes which is full from 8 am till 5 pm... i will be back soon, posting the new entries and giving my views bout everything happens around me... Currently i am struggling myself to change and becoming a new man with a new attitude. also i am enthusiastic learning GERMAN language... i love it... i hope one day my dream to further my studies in GERMANY will came true!!! INSYAALLAH... DREI JAHRE NACH DEUTSCHLAND!!! (3 YEARS TO GERMANY)!!!
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