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things i can describe bout myself: hardheaded, fun, love to make friends, simple, hardheaded, metalheads, loud, lousy sometimes, movies addiction, non-smoker, funny, straight edge, outspoken, dreaming a lot, love eating, cute, fat, love being myself. i wanna be what i want to be... i don't care wat kind of hardships i will face in my future.... I WILL FIGHT TILL MY LAST DROP OF BLOOD!!!


actually its have been a while i didn't updated my blog. not becoz i forget about it. it is caused by all the busyness that surrounds my life lately... lots of assignments needed to be done... those outdoor activities i need to attend in order to live in this happily DESASISWA FAJAR HARAPAN next semester... my own problems... wat kind of problemS??? hahaha entah...

Insyaallah when all this matter done, i will be updating my blog and hope u will enjoyed by reading it... that's all for me now... ASSALAMUALAIKUM
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