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things i can describe bout myself: hardheaded, fun, love to make friends, simple, hardheaded, metalheads, loud, lousy sometimes, movies addiction, non-smoker, funny, straight edge, outspoken, dreaming a lot, love eating, cute, fat, love being myself. i wanna be what i want to be... i don't care wat kind of hardships i will face in my future.... I WILL FIGHT TILL MY LAST DROP OF BLOOD!!!

I am not the same guy anymore fuckers!!!

Just get back from one of the meets with my old frenz during lower secondary school. actually i didn't like dis kind of meets coz they're always making fun of people. i'm really sick of it. just now they are trying to make fun of me coz i am not kinda guy who like to have an attention. i don't know why dis kind of people always opening up someone's defection without knowing that their defects are the most shame thing to be discussed about!!! and i really damn hate dis kind of people.

there's one guy dat in this group dat makes me really hate him. YOUR ATTITUDE SUCKS DUDE!!! BOASTING A LOT!!! DO U THINK DAT EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD BELONGS TO YOU!!! FUCKFACE!!!! laughing like shit!!!

i dun want to talk bout those bad things which dis guy have done. coz i am not a kind a guy who loves to do sort of things. why people laughing and making fun of those things?? is it fun to make people ashamed and drop their water face ( just borrowing some malays idioms).... i hope dat god will always bless them and giving them a chance to repent.

i have decided not to attend those kind of meets anymore... by hook or by crook, NOT ANYMORE!!! STOP ALL THIS BULLSHIT!!!
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