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things i can describe bout myself: hardheaded, fun, love to make friends, simple, hardheaded, metalheads, loud, lousy sometimes, movies addiction, non-smoker, funny, straight edge, outspoken, dreaming a lot, love eating, cute, fat, love being myself. i wanna be what i want to be... i don't care wat kind of hardships i will face in my future.... I WILL FIGHT TILL MY LAST DROP OF BLOOD!!!


huhuhu... i just arrived safely from MALACCA at 5.30 a.m. before the departure my dad called me to make sure dat i have prepare everything before the trip. he said " JANGAN TIDO DALAM BAS, KANG JADIK MACAM BAS EKSIDEN XSEMPAT NAK NGELAK, JANGAN LUPE BACA DOA... yes dad!!!! but how am i gonna survive in this 8 hours trip without yawning and sleeping oh my god!!!

I have a mp3 player in my pocket with a branded headphone in my head, listening to some METAL songs from the band dat i love the most such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, DEVILDRIVER, CHIMAIRA and also some songs from CREED.. but i cannot stand it anymore i am too sleepy and i have slept when the bus reach TAMPIN...

at 12.30 a.m i was awoke by the ringtones from my gurl said dat i must call her dat nite coz it is my turn to do the ss (SUPER SAVERS). yeah... what else must i do, called her, gayut for an hour then continue with my sleep.

suddenly i found out the bus have been stopped. when i looked around i was in taiping. and why the bus stops in the middle of the highway. the driver has been compounded by the police. i dun know why.......................

i reached at my room around 5.45.. still sleepy but my eyes cannot closed because i am planning wat to do today...

1st: take the keys at the office
2nd: take all my things at store room
3rd: go to bertam to pick up my motorcycle...
4th: go to class at 11 am

then i have slept all morning and awake at 12... i missed the class omg.... then, after lunch i am taking the keys and all my things. after i performing my pray i went to my fren house at bertam which situated 15 km from sg petani. it take about 3 hours by bus and i reached there at 8pm. then i went back to usm and reached at my beloved ROOM at 10 pm....

right now 3.45 am.. i am still wandering here... talking all these nonsense things.. and the most important thing is i am sleepy... gud nite everyone .... ASSALAMMUALAIKUM...
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